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Holiday DIY: 25 Ideas for Make-Your-Own Decor and Gifts

Getting the crafting bug? Embrace your creative side by choosing a few doable projects to make and give. From gift wrap and advent calendars to decor and gifts, here are 25 easy and creative ideas to try this holiday season. And in the Myrtle Beach area…. we can find a plethora of items to use in DYI projects.

Mini advent village. A tiny town of boxes filled with little treasures will enchant children and adults alike as you count down the days till Christmas.

Hanging Hanukkah calendar. Celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah with a small gift to open after lighting the menorah. This wall hanging uses boxes wrapped in paper stamped with an olive branch motif (symbolizing peace) using an easy potato-print stamping technique.

Paper advent garland.
You can whip up this advent calendar in a matter of minutes: Simply tie small paper gift bags with ribbon of varying lengths to a branch, and label each bag with a numbered tag. Embellish the branch with colorful string or paint if you wish, and hang it from the mantle or on the wall.

Rustic advent wall hanging. If you have a sewing machine, consider stitching up an advent calendar that can be reused from year to year. The one shown here uses nubby linen for a rustic look, with numbers stenciled onto the pockets with fabric paint.

Teacup candles. Vintage mismatched teacups, pretty little bowls, ramekins — you can use just about any sort of container you want for this project. You’ll need a few simple ingredients that can be ordered online (soy wax flakes, wicks, essential oils) or found in a well-stocked crafts store, and in an afternoon you can create enough lovely scented candles to give to everyone on your list.

Winter bulb gifts. Keep supplies for these cute paper-wrapped bulbs on hand and you’ll never have to scramble for a hostess gift again. These also make a thoughtful small gift for neighbors, teachers and anyone else you’d like to thank.

Dip-dyed baskets. Take a plain store-bought basket for a swim in paint and transform it into a piece of on-trend home decor that any friend on your list would love. For bonus points, use the dip-dyed baskets to hold a collection of goodies, like treats for the kitchen or bath.

Gifts from the kitchen. Seasonal loaf cakes and cookies are holiday favorites and for good reason — the recipients love them, and they’re easy to make in multiples. But if you don’t enjoy baking, don’t let that stop you from whipping up tasty treats from your kitchen to give as gifts. Instead, consider jars of homemade granola (still technically baking, but super easy) or your own special hot cocoa mix delivered with marshmallows and a wooden spoon.

Handpainted wood slice ornaments. Wood slices are available online and at most crafts stores, or (for those handy with a saw) they can be created from fallen branches in your own backyard. Paint a simple design (a tree or star) or word (noel, joy) on the wood with white craft paint, and drill a hole for hanging.

Clay cookie-cutter ornaments. These ornaments have a Scandinavian simplicity that looks beautiful on the tree or as embellishments on gifts. White air-dry clay (available at most crafts stores) is easy to work with — simply roll out and cut just as you would cookie dough. Use a straw to poke a round hole for a string through the top, and let dry on waxed paper.

Fill-your-own ornament. Clear glass ornaments ready to be filled are available by the boxful at most crafts stores during the holidays. You can fill them with just about anything — feathers, confetti, pompoms and glitter work well. If you’re feeling more ambitious, create a miniature piece of paper-cut art using a template (and some careful work with a craft knife) and pop it inside for a winter wonderland effect.

Felt ornaments. Wool felt is a lovely material to work with, and these ornaments couldn’t be easier. Use a simple template (a tree or star cookie cutter would work well) to trace and cut out shapes from a piece of felt. Thread a loop through the top using embroidery floss or twine, and slide a wooden bead onto the loop as a finishing touch.

Natural wreath. Using a wire wreath form and a bundle of foliage sprigs (either purchased at a florist or gathered from your yard), create your own festive seasonal wreath to adorn your door all winter long.

Votive luminaries. A quick wrap with corrugated paper and a few punches with a decorative hole punch and you can transform plain votive candles (or even candles in recycled jars) into festive lighting for your next holiday party.

Citrus menorah.
Looking for something a little different to adorn your Hanukkah table this year? Consider this quick, easy (and totally natural) DIY menorah created from fresh oranges and limes. As the candles heat, the citrus will release their delicious scents — and if you need to perk up the menorah, it’s as simple as cutting a fresh piece of fruit.

Rustic holiday card display. This easy holiday card display is super quick to set up: Simply hang a length of chicken wire from the wall and use clothespins to attach holiday cards. Done!

Ornament tree. Branches, either foraged from your yard or picked up from the florist, make a lovely and long-lasting seasonal display when placed in a glass vessel and adorned with ornaments. If your arrangement seems top-heavy, partially fill the vase with hard candies to weight it down.

Chalk-paint planter. Make over a plain planter with a coat of chalkboard paint, and write a holiday message on it with white chalk pen. Plant a tiny living Christmas tree inside for a fresh display that will cheer up your room all season long.

Holiday backdrop. With a little paint, a board (or even a large piece of paper) can be transformed into a backdrop perfect for holiday photographs. If using a board, paint it white and allow it to dry. Then use a stamp with a wintry motif to print a repeating pattern in black. A small board can work as wall art or as an accent behind interior vignettes, as seen here, while a larger board, paper or canvas can be used as a smile-booth background during a holiday party or for family photos.

Candy trees. If your taste for holiday table settings runs toward the fun and over-the-top, consider this easy candy DIY for your next party. Pick up a few foam cones of varying heights from the crafts store and use dabs of royal icing to completely cover them with rows of hard candies and peppermints. Position the cones down the center of the table and fill in with swags of greenery.

Cloche decor.
A glass cloche can transform the simplest holiday decor into a statement. Fill yours with gold or silver ornaments; a strand of twinkling lights; pinecones; or vintage bottlebrush trees, fake snow and deer figurines.

Recycled-fabric gift wrap. Not only is fabric gift wrap environmentally friendly and economical, it’s also the easiest way to wrap oddly shaped gifts. If you sew, this is a great way to use up fabric scraps from your stash. But if you don’t have a fabric stash, you can still do this — a single pretty (but worn-out) sheet from the thrift store can yield tons of gift wrap.

Potato stamp gift wrap.
Potato stamps are simple to make, and a big hit with kids. Carve a simple design into a raw potato and use it to stamp your motif onto brown kraft paper to create your own gift wrap.

Silhouette art gift wrap. This elegant gift adornment takes some time but makes a big impression — use it to make a special gift even more so. Start by taking a photo of your subject side-on. Next, print the picture on card stock and cut around the silhouette. Once you have your silhouette template, you can save it and use it many times.

Photo-embellished gifts. Create a gift adornment and tag in one by affixing a photo of the gift recipient to the front of the package. Black-and-white photos printed on card stock look simple and elegant, and they’re less expensive to print than full-color photos on glossy paper.

We would love to see some of your DYI projects. Feel free to post them on our Facebook page: @MattHarperTeam.

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